We are Yolavi, two creative photographers based in London and Madrid who are available worldwide. Our job is not only centered around shooting photographs, but also human bonding.
We, as Yolavi, are not just seeking an aesthetically pleasing outcome but an ethical one too. One that is coherent with our views and way of life; therefore our photographs are genuine, diverse and personal. We want to break away from derivative clichés and avoid pre-established ideals so that groups like the LGBTQ+ communities are fairly portrayed and represented in accordance to the world we live in.


Our professional training led us to a journey from illustration, design and humanities to photography. In that way, we adapt fast and effortlessly.


Utilizing our favourite creative ingredients we strive to consistently provide unique and imaginative results.


We work alongside you every step of the way providing a fully catered body of work considerate of your needs – Intimate, warm and most importantly – personal. 


Laura Carrascosa Vela
Laura Carrascosa Vela
Co-founder. Photographer & Editor.

Vocational Degree in Plastic Arts and Design (with a specialty in Photography). Master’s Degree in Artistic Project Development. 

Maider Jiménez
Maider Jiménez
Co-founder. Photographer & Illustrator.

Vocational degree in Plastic Arts and Design (with a specialty in Illustration).